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If you are seeking to have your membrane plant monitored and optimized in real-time, select the system most applicable to your membrane plant by clicking on the proper link below: 

1. Single-Train Membrane System (SWRO, BRO, NF) 
Perpetual one-time MASAR®Limited: one-time license fee per user (NO annual fees) - click on image to the right. 

2.Single-Pass, Unlimited Trains Membrane System (SWRO, BRO, NF, etc.) 
Perpetual MASAR®Optima: one-time license fee per user (NO annual fees). - click on image to the right. 

3.Single-Pass, Unlimited Trains Membrane FIltration System (Seawater/brackish UF and MF) 
Perpetual MASAR®Ultra: one-time license fee per user (NO annual fees). - click on image to the right. 

4.Double-Pass, unlimited Trains, Membrane System (SWRO/BRO, UF/SWRO, SWRO/NF, etc.) 
Perpetual MASAR®Plus :one-time license fee per user (NO annual fees). - click on image to the right. 

Contact us today to learn how this unique and innovative software system can help monitor, optimize the operation, performance and cost effectiveness of your membrane desalination plant in real-time (NOT as a "trend"). You can also request a full license quote so that you can input your own plant data and see its performance and fouling development history and status like never before! 

If you would like your plant's historical operating data evaluated for fouling, performance and cost-effectiveness without software licensing, please click on one of the following options: 
Periodical performance and fouling monitoring and evaluation of unlimited trains 

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