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Expert Water & Membrane Desalination Consulting and Plant On-Site Services

Pretreatment & Membrane System Specifications Reviews, Operation & Performance Monitoring, Evaluation, Optimization, Trouble-Shooting, 
On-Site Diagnostics and Membrane Autopsies 

SWRO Plant Commissioning

Our professional, specialized and expert consulting and on-site plant services are based on our 35 years of industry contributions, technology expertise and field experience gained from heavy involvement in over 50 major brackish, seawater desalination and industrial waste water treatment plants worldwide, especially in the Arabian Gulf, Malta and USA. These services include, as well as system upgrade reviews, proposals and follow-ups. 

Consultant Troubleshooting SWRO Plant

Summary of Consulting & On-Site Plant Services 

1. Feed water chemistry & quality review and assessment compared to design. 

2. Pre-treatment & membrane Systems Design Specifications & Review. 
3. Pre-treatment & Membrane systems Operation & Performance Review & Evaluation. 
4. Trouble-shooting & optimization of pre-treatment & membrane systems operation & performance. 
5. On-site diagnostic membrane autopsies and preliminary evaluation. 
6. Identification and measurement of membrane fouling (biological, colloidal, scaling) in real-time. 
7. Real-time fouling monitoring, on-line testing, control, mitigation and prevention strategies. 
8. Chemical dosing assessment & optimization, including alternative treatments. 
9. Recommendations for effective membrane system cleaning & storage Techniques. 
10. Recommendations for Membrane System Replacements, Additions & Refurbishment. 
11. Plant operational & maintenance checks and procedures, including preventative maintenance Programs. 
12. Pilot testing program design, reviews, monitoring, data analysis and final evaluation. 
13. Technical feasibility studies & cost effectiveness analyses. 
14. On-site & customized plant personnel training programs.

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