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Innovative SMART Technology & Software Solutions

for Optimizing the Design, Operation, Performance and Costs of RO/NF, UF/MF Membrane Desalination & Filtration Plants, Systems and Projects 

SMARTAlarm Benefits & Plant References - pdf

SMART Presentation - pdf

The SMART Solution to Membrane Fouling-IDA - pdf

MASAR Technologies, Inc., has developed an innovative technology, known as SMARTTM, based on over 35 years of technology expertise and actual field experience, especially at over 50 membrane plants in the Middle-East/GCC, Europe and the USA. Download Demo 

The unique technology allows the real-time direct measurement of any membrane fouling or scaling that may start developing in the system while still at a very early stage. This, in turn, allows for the detection, timely identification and correction of any fouling or scaling issue before it is physically and irreversibly exhibited in the plant's performance. The technology is universally applicable to any water desalination or filtration membrane system with any feed intake salinity, pretreatment, system design, configuration or membrane manufacture. 

The Fouling Monitor
Independent Plant Case History: 

Experience at Penneshaw SWRO Plant - S. Australia Water Corp 

Presented at the 2007 IDA World Congress Proceedings, Spain, by Pelekani, Jewell & Kilmore, SA Water Corp., Australia.   

Contact us today to learn how this unique and innovative technology can help monitor, optimize the operation, performance and cost effectiveness of your membrane desalination plant in real-time. You can even test it for yourself at your own plant with no obligations!  

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