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Innovative Software Solutions 
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MASAR® - Membrane Alarm System & Automated Reporter Software 

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offered for large membrane plants over 45,000 m3/d or 10 IMGD operating for at least 6 months

 Request a License Quote  for large membrane plants over 5,000 m3/d or 1.0 IMGD 

MASAR Technologies, Inc., licenses its real-time and early-warning Membrane Alarm System & Automated Reporter ( MASAR®), developed based on the proprietary SMARTTM technology that analytically measures and monitors the membrane system's fouling and scaling development on a day-by-day, and calculates the Fouling Monitor which allows the plant operator to take timely and corrective measures to address the situation before too late. 

MASAR Flow Chart

The software system is available in several versions applicable to single and double-pass systems, unlimited number of trains/skids, any feed water source and intake (open-intake seawater, brackish, well water, etc.), membrane process (RO, NF, UF & MF), system design, staging (1-3), configuration (spiral or HFF), layout and manufacture (Dow Filmtec, Hydranautics, Toray, Toyobo, DuPont, Koch, GE, etc.). The program's methodology is analytical and comparative, based on the same data collected at any membrane plant and required for ASTM-4516 standard normalization method.     

Performance Display

SMARTAlarm Benefits & Plant References - pdf

SMART Presentation - pdf

The SMART Solution to Membrane Fouling-IDA - pdf

Independent Plant Case History:   Experience at the Penneshaw SWRO Plant, South Australia 
2007 IDA World Congress Proceedings, Pelekani, Jewell & Kilmore, SA Water. 

Besides the 25+ RO & NF plants where the MASAR® was installed, tested, validated or tried worldwide, the following high-profile desalination end users acquired one or more licenses to the MASAR® software: 

1. Saudi ARAMCO, the largest producer of oil in the world. 
2. Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the largest produced     of desalinated water in the world. 
3. South Australia Water Corporation (SA Water). 

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