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Principal Membrane Desalination and Filtration Consultant, Technology Developer and Trainer 

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Principal Consultant

Mohamad Amin Saad,  (click on consultant's name to email himthe company's Founder, President & Principal Consultant, Trainer and Developer, has over 35 years of hands-on industrial experience, mainly gained from direct and effective involvement in various aspects of project management, designing, tarting-up, trouble-shooting and optimizing the operation and performance of tens of brackish and seawater water desalination reverse osmosis (RO) membrane plants around the world. These plants include some of the largest and most strategic RO plants in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Malta, and the United States. Eng. Saad is heavily experienced, and currently involved in monitoring, identifying and implementing effective control methods for biological and other fouling development, as well as optimizing the operation and performance of these plants, some of which are or will be the largest in the world. He has developed a unique SMARTTM technology and MASAR® software systems that measures and monitors the early fouling development in water desalination and purification membrane systems in real-time and calculates an on-line Fouling MonitorTM, that serves as a unique, and reliable early-warning fouling indicator. 

Eng. Saad's educational background is highlighted by an M. Sc. & B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, and a B. Sc. Chemistry from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. 

His accomplished professional career spanning over 35 years features hands-on international industrial membrane technology expertise & proven track record with several distinguished water desalination, industrial waste water treatment and environmental industry leaders and pioneers.

Besides his own company, MASAR Technologies, Inc., first established in 1993, he held key and leading positions with: 

1. DuPont De Nemours Membrane Industry - USA, Middle East/Europe/India.

2. Aqua-Chem, USA.

3. Biosphere 2® Environmental Project, Arizona, USA. 

4. ACWA Power International, Saudi Arabia.

5. BOWAREGE International, an ACWA Power Project, Company, Saudi Arabia.

6. ACWA Power Barka, an ACWA Power Project Company - Oman.

Eng. Saad is a leading industry trainer on Membrane Desalination Technologies in Practice Training Courses & Workshops for plant end-users, Operators, Engineers & Industry professionals. He trained over 700 industrial professionals in courses & workshops held at such international venues as: 

  1. Bi-Annual IDA's World Congresses on Desalination & Water Re-use: Bahrain, the Bahamas, Singapore, Grand Canaries, Spain & Dubai, UAE.
  2. Annual Saudi Water & Power Forum: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  3. Annual EDS EuroMed and the Environment Conferences: Morocco, Malta & Egypt.
  4. The Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC): Sultanate of Oman.

As well as short, customized courses for O&M personnel of such prestigious organizations as:

  1. Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) & Abu Dhabi Water Department, United Arab Emirates.
  2. Ministry of Water & Electricity, Kingdom of Bahrain. 
  3. Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  4. Riyadh Water & Sewage Department (RWSD), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  5. Saudi ARAMCO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  6. Buraidah Water Department, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  7. The Utility Company of Jubail and Yanbu (MARAFIQ), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

He authored over 20 international technical publications  to date 

View List of Eng. Saad's Publications

His professional associations include: 
1. International Desalination Association (IDA), Member  of the Education, Scholarship & Fellowship Committee, USA. 

2. Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) - University of Arizona, USA. 

3. Water and Energy Sustainability Center (WEST) - University of Arizona, USA.

4. European Desalination Society (EDS), Italy. 
5. Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC), Sultanate of Oman. 

6. Water Desalination & Reuse Center, King Abdullah Univ. of Science &Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

7. Membrane Research Department, MASDAR Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

8. Arab Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF), United Arab Emirates.

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